nordstrom-logo.jpgShop brand-new arrivals at super-sale prices at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Topshop, Ted Baker London and more. Sale ends August 5. Prices go up August 6. Free shipping, pick up in store and more. Free shipping, pick up in store and more.

Here is the good, bad and ugly of this years event.

On a normal day I totally love Nordstrom.  Good selection, variety of sizes and colors and good customer service— what is not to like.  So this time of year when the Anniversary sale comes along I am excited.  A pre-sale of fall items with a early access for card members–again, what’s not to like?

After scanning the catalog and marking items I wanted to see further, I logged on to make my Early Access Purchase. Let the problems begin.  I can only put into words what happened in list form.

The list of things that went wrong:

  • the website kept logging me out
  • items that I wanted kept dropping out of my cart yet still showed as available
  • I tried to access my Nordstrom Notes and the site would crash
  • the app didn’t work either
  • order placed with no confirmation email
  • next day, order says cancelled, but no email notification from Nordstrom
  • customer service- totally unreachable in all methods
  • wait 30 minutes on hold to be told that my order was not cancelled
  • email saying that my order was cancelled and I needed to reorder
  • reorder with renewed access to my notes
  • part of my order cancelled again, though the items still show they are available
  • reorder items again
  • Items begin shipping one at a time and a few items available for pickup
  • person in-store says she will look into my issues and adjust my points
  • Props to SA Elisabeth who had my back to get my items and points

So…. although I am dismayed about my experience and the uncertainty of whether I will actually receive all the items I purchased (most still say “preparing”), I still (heart) you Nordstrom even though I know you will never send me an apology or give me the points that I am owed.  I hope that you can work out all the problems that thousands of us had, because clearly we like you– after all we do have your credit card and use your rewards program.

I know this seems like a rant, but it is just stating facts.  I have worked retail and know the value of customer service, which is where I believe Nordstrom fell down here.  Don’t get me wrong, I still want my stuff and will continue to shop at Nordstrom.  I guess I was just surprised at how incredibly wrong this sale began for me. That being said, there are some awesome items, beauty and clothing that you should check out.  The sale opens to the public on July 20.  When/if I get my items, I will share a review of them.

Thanks for reading! XO, Dawn

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