Selling, Consigning and Donating Your Stuff

So I have been doing this for a couple of years now— selling, consigning and donating my stuff.  Like most women, I love pretty things.  Having a background in fashion and merchandising has instilled a love for fashion and design.  So I use the opportunity to do this to keep items out of the landfill and fund my new items.

I have been selling and consigning online at various sites, which can get tricky since websites come and go. This is not a list of all of them, but a list of the ones that I have personally tried.

Sites that I have sold, consigned or donated to (click on the name to link) and see the summaries of my experiences below.  

  1.  The Real Real (consign)
  2. ThredUp (sell or donate)
  3. Give Back Box (donate)
  4. Ebay (sell)
  5. Glambot (sell)

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 2.06.16 PM

Lately I have sold mostly to and website called ThredUp.  It is pretty easy— you sign-up and they send you “clean-out bags” and you send them your stuff.  The site recently started offering labels as well so you can use your own box. The deal with this site is they want some stuff and some they don’t.  The site tells you upfront that they are very picky.  You can let them recycle the rest of your stuff or pay a fee ($10.99) to send back what they don’t want for their site.  Over the last year, it is hit and miss which items they want.  I have had stuff that I have sent in and gotten returned to me, but when I sent it again, they accepted it.  I guess it depends on who evaluates your bag.  I always pay the fee to get my items back so I can donate any items they rejected and get my tax receipt or sell it elsewhere (instead of letting them profit from the recycling of the fabric) One big tip with this site is to send items that are current for the season (if it is summer, send summer items).  You can also donate with them by sending in your donation bag and they send you a tax receipt.  They definitely don’t pay out much for non-designer items and the fees can add up, but it is an easy way to clean out your closet if you don’t have time to sell them or take them to a charity shop yourself.  Payment is through a prepaid Visa card, website credit or PayPal.  Overall, I have had a pretty good relationship with ThredUp.


My most recent endeavor has been consigning with The Real Real.  I first went here to find pre-loved designer handbags.  But I saw that they consigned and decided to give it a go.  They have a strict list of designers they will accept and quite high fees, but again it is great if you don’t have time to sell the stuff yourself.  They authenticate, photograph, price and list everything for you and you get the commission when your item sells.  They will send you a Fed-ex label and even an empty box to send in your items.  In some cities like here in the San Francisco area, you can take your stuff into their offices be evaluated or schedule a pickup.  It is a great website to find pre-loved designer stuff that has been vetted and have a pretty good return policy.  I am still a newbie on The Real Real, but the process has been easy so far. Payment is made by check or direct deposit.


Of course there is eBay. Many people buy and sell from eBay.  Yes they do charge a fee (10%) for the months you sell items and they let you list up to 100 items for free.  So that is not too bad in the fee category, but it’s the time that it takes to photograph, list and then ship each item that can deter people from using the service to sell their items.  I have sold with eBay, but I did find that the time that it took was worth the fees charged by other selling  or consignment websites.  I have found that if you tag your items the right way, your items will come up in searches and generate traffic for your goods.  The buyer pays you directly with PayPal.


Next is Glambot.  Believe it or not, they buy & sell new or gently used makeup.  It’s true! So that eyeshadow palate that didn’t quite workout or free items with purchase that you didn’t use or give to your friends, you can sell it to this website and they will pay you for them. If you follow the directions and send the items and brands they accept, you can clear out your cosmetics drawers with this website.  They will email you a free shipping label, but they will not return items that they don’t accept so you should truly be ready to part with the items.  They pay or with website credit or PayPal.


Finally, I want to talk about Give Back Box. I first heard of it through Amazon.  It is a service that connects you to a charity so you can donate items. They want you to reuse the boxes you get your order with Amazon to send items to charity with a free shipping label.  On the site you can fill out a form for taxes when you print out the labels.  This is ideal for me as I order from Amazon frequently (you know you do too) and I don’t have to save up a bunch of bags of stuff to drive to a charity shop.  I can pack up a box, print up a label and request a free pick-up from USPS.  Easy breezy.  Give Back Box have connections to many companies whose boxes you can use and many charities where your items go.  It is a win for your closet and a win for charities that get your stuff.




Buying THE bag….

How I got my dream handbag…

My girlfriends and I love shopping.  Hello… they call me Stylish Teacher. So we often have long conversations about our favorite thing…. handbags and small leather goods.  We love us some purses! I mean, we can talk for hours about them. So my holy grail {like many other ladies out there} a classic CHANEL bag. My crew and I have coveted a classic double flap bag, have visited it on shopping trips.

So after working hard to downsize my closets (yep I said closets—I know, I know)  by selling online (and donating to charity), I saved up enough to take the plunge.  I actually did it y’all.  NAVY. CAVIAR. LEATHER. DOUBLE FLAP. JUMBO bag with light gold hardware…. I am in love [well second behind my husband] with this bag.  It is a huge spend I know, but I sold a lot of clothes, shoes and bags that were not getting much love lately and saved all the proceeds for my purchase.  It is doable if you truly save for it.  I can’t wait to take it out for a spin.  I will add a pic when I unbox it. Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 9.23.00 PM

Here is a link to the bag (but with the gold hardware): Chanel Classic Bag

Ok- I know it’s been a while

I know, I know, but I’ve been VERY busy.  I have been in grad school working on my doctorate, had some personal triumphs and tragedies over the last couple of years. But I will do better.  I have been keeping stylish and eating good food through it all, but I vow to start sharing more…. soon.

Packing for a Vacation

So the dilemma  of what to pack… I go through this EVERY time that I have a trip on the horizon.  Whether it is a weekend away or a two week trip, it is something that most of us struggle with.  So what to do? Well the basic tip is to pack neutrals with accessories that can add that pop of color or pattern.  So I totally agree with that, but frankly I wear basics to the office everyday.  I want to use my weekends and vacation time to wear my more creative and fun stuff.  I am talking some of my favorite pieces.  So here is my approach to this packing struggle every time my trip comes around….

  • Check what the weather is like there— well duh, but I look at multiple sources– people have very different ideas of what the weather is like in a certain place
  • Have a general idea of what you are going to do— duh again, but it will tell you a lot about what shoes and special items (like a bathing suit) you will pack
  • Then pick the favorites that you really want to bring.  Part of having fun on your trip is feeling great about how you look, so pack that cute dress- weather permitting
  • I try to bring at least one dress— that way you can wear it as a dress and as a skirt (paring it with a cute tee or top).  It also comes in handy if you choose to go to a “fancier” restaurant or event
  • Then mix in some basics that you can pair with your favorites or something new that you may buy along the way
  • Try and pick things that you can wear more than once—- think mix and match

So basically I take out all the pieces that I may want to bring and lay them out on my bed… then I force myself to edit.  This is a must because I love for my souvenir from my trips to be a piece of clothing or accessory–and I don’t mean a t-shirt with the name of the city I was in! I love getting a great scarf, pair of earrings or top that reminds me of the places that I have been when I wear them.  One example of this is a great pair of earrings that I bought at a glass blowing shop in Venice, Italy.  Seven years later I still have them and they remind me of my trip to Italy every time I wear them.  So that being said, make sure you edit enough to leave room for souvenirs! That is why the editing is so important, not to mention the space and weight restriction of airlines! It is always the hardest part for me.  So as I pack for my trip next weekend, I will  post some of my struggles and my process and how I will make my choices work.

Hope this rant is helpful for my fellow fashionistas who struggle with packing for that long awaited trip! Happy stylish traveling!

Market Watch: Fall Sweaters

A great sweater post from one of my favorite fashion sites!

Market Watch: Fall Sweaters.

I’m looking for ways to be more stylish at work. It is tricky for teachers because school is not the best place for nice or expensive clothing and shoes. There are markers, paint, glue and kids that can be a mess after recess. So how can teachers get out of the rut of wearing our worst clothes so we don’t ruin our nice ones. And don’t get me started about wearing uncomfortable shoes (for most heels) when you have to stand all day. Well, I think that there is a happy medium from rolling out of bed and throwing on your faded- and sadly sometimes mom jeans- and faded t-shirt and dressing like you’re going on a dinner date. I will take a cue from my style god & goddess, Clinton Kelly and Stacey London, wear simple basics that fit! Please, for the love of all things fashionable, NEVER wear themed sweaters or sweatshirts! That is the reason that when people think of teachers, they think of us as frumpy ladies with apples on our shirts!


Hello world!

So here it is! I have wanted to start a blog for a while, so I am jumping in. I hope to spread my love of fashion, food, home  and adventure to those who want to listen! More to come soon!



I am really feeling the sweaters this fall! The patterns are a great escape from the plain sweaters of autumns past. Everyone should be brave and try a sweater with a little fun woven in!

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