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Search for a Serum – May/June

Let’s talk skin care…. so many things to consider. From cleansers, toners, serums, eye creams, moisturizers and so much more— where does a girl even start? I decided to start with serums. I feel like eye creams and serums are crucial to my skin, so I will start there.

About my skin: I don’t have super sensitive skin, but it is combination and changes with the seasons – drier in fall/winter and slightly oily in spring/summer. I am sensitive to added fragrances, so that is a big consideration in my choices.

Based on reviews (on, my first trial is Ole Henriksen Truth Serum. The Sephora site describes it as good for multiple skin types and as helping with dryness, dullness, uneven texture and loss of firmness… all things I look for in a serum. It is also described as being made without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates which is a plus. It contains vitamin C and collegen which can contribute to brightening and hydration.

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My thoughts: The texture/feel of this serum is a smooth gel. This is especially good as it is cooling to the touch. For me it was absorbed quickly and made my skin ready for my moisturizer. My face did not feel tight or oily, simply a smooth canvas for makeup in daytime. After using for a few weeks, my skin does appear to have the beginning effects of using a product with vitamin C and I will continue until I finish the bottle and give an update if there is more visible change. The only negative I have is that there is a strong scent/fragrance to the product. It is a orange/citrus smell so that doesn’t bother me. My concern is that “parfum/fragrance” is the 10th ingredient, which means there is quite a lot in there. This would be an ideal product for me if there were much less or no fragrance as my skin is a bit sensitive to added scents. If fragrance is not a concern for you, this would be a great serum to try. The brand website also has a small version so you can try with out spending more on the full size bottle.

I have another serum in line to try out, so stay tuned. Thank you so much for reading. I would be grateful if you could like this post and blog — and even share you have another skin care lover in your life. You can also check me out on Social Media— my links to Instagram and Facebook are on the left of this post.

Cheers! xoxo, Dawn

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October 2018 Beauty Favorites

geniuspowder_closedfront_3HYDRA BEAUTY Nourishing Lip CareLA CREME MAIN<br />Hand Cream,                         Main,                         color, NO COLORLES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL<br />Rounded Eyeshadow Brush,                         Main,                         color, NO COLOR

Let’s talk beauty! I am somewhat late to the beauty game… for me this means that I used the same items and brands for a long time before branching out.  I have somewhat sensitive skin, so frankly… I was scared to try new stuff. Then I met Bobbi Brown makeup. Now I cannot get enough makeup… people seriously I. LOVE. IT.

Let’s get to the stuff I have been using the last few months….

Bobbi BrownNude:Rosy Nude palette has the colors that BB does best. Great shades of rose, nude, shimmer and sparkle.  Best of all, the base colors are bigger rectangles of love (you all know you use those up first!) I am loving it! The pigments and texture and blend-ability (I might have just made that word up) is excellent.  There is another version of this palette in the brown tones that BB does best.

Chanel Beauty & Skincare: I never thought I would splurge on this lip balm and hand cream but I am happy that I did! I have been on the hunt for both of these for months and I am loving them.  The Hydra Beauty lip balm is the right texture and feeds my lip balm addiction.  The La Creme Main hand cream makes my skin feel so soft each time I can use it… REALLY soft.  I also picked up an eye shadow blending brush that I am loving as well.  I may end up trying more since I am loving my starter items.

Charlotte TilburyCharlotte’s Genius Magic Powder, Magic Away and Rock n’ Kohl Eyeliner. These are my 3 newest additions.  The Eyeliners are smooth to apply and smudge and they stay put the whole day.  Magic Away is my new go-to concealer.  It really works it’s magic on my dark circles.  Not many brands make colors to match my skin, which is important to me as I do not like to go lighter with my concealer- I’d rather match.  Finally, the Magic Powder has a lovely smooth texture.  However, there are only 3 colors and it has an odd smell– not a bad smell, but odd. I am used to having finishing powder that matches my skin color, so I will have to continue mixing the medium and dark colors to meet my skin color.

Hope that this info inspires you to branch out and try new beauty like I have been.  There are some great beauty items out there to explore.  I am currently trying out some new stuff to report to you soon! Please share this post if you know someone who would like it.  I will add links to the items so you can see them for yourself.


Thanks for reading! XO, Dawn

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